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XFilesDialog will resize the Windows and Office file dialogs (open, save, save as) and will add a list of favorites and recent files/folders.
NOW (v5) with improved Vista / Windows7 / Windows8 compatibility and full 64-bit support!

The major reasons why you would like to use XFilesDialog are:
- to automatically resize (and reposition/center) all standard file dialogs;
- to add a list of favorites and most-recently used files and folders;
- to extend non-standard file dialogs (like those from Office97, Office2000 and OfficeXP) with a standard view;
- to get one-click buttons for your drives/volumes or favorites;
- to get in all standard file dialogs instant information about the current folder and the size of the remaining free space;
- to always start file-dialogs in your desired view (list, details and so on);
- to remember and maintain the header size you want in details view;
- click here for more details!


And XFilesDialog also has full support for XP Visual Styles and many other new features since version 3 , which was extended to Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) in version 4 and now to Windows 7 with transparency and Windows 8 (with improved high-DPI support) in version 5 !

XFilesDialog XP

XFilesDialog Win7

XFilesDialog Win7 with transparency

XFilesDialog Win7 with transparency and 144 DPI

XFilesDialog Win8 144 DPI

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